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football history was started from Egypt . In Egypt football was known as Harpastum it was played with the round ball which was made up of grass and animal bladder . Football in that era was not of scoring goals it was a game of kicking of ball in opposite direction .


This game was played in other countries with different names in China football was known as Tsuchu during 300 BC china’s people used to stand in circle and kick the ball towards other player and if the opponent was not able to kick the ball before touching the ground or kick the ball far from the opponent then 1 point was awarded to the opponent .


When Rome invaded the Egypt they saw them playing Harpstum and they like it . Roman king captured Egypt  and from then Roman people also started playing football but during this time period football was played by hands and foot both and it was a game of strength not of tactics .

Later Rome invaded England and started football there it was a beginning of football in England .


England played a great role in the beginning of football that’s why all the credit of football birth goes to England .

Earlier football used have no rules and regulation number of players were different in different places , the length and breadth of ground was not decided it used to get change according to number of players and  ball was kicked from foot and thrown from hand also . At that era football was a violent sport so it was banned in England by Edward III in 1349 for certain reason .


The football was banned in England by Edward III because he wanted his soldiers to practice archery rather than playing football , so he banned the football and promotes archery . The main reason of promoting archery was to get large number of archers in his army and to get good quality of archers.

On 27 October 1857 first official football club was organised in Edinburgh . The name of the club was Shefield Football Club .


There are many football in early decades also who claim them to be the first football club of the history but the only club who have its written record is the Shefield Football Club which was established in Edinburgh the city of England  in 1857 this is a milestone football history .

In 1863 the major step was taken to give football its own identity .

In London Football Association was founded .

This Football Association made some rule and regulation for football .

After the formation of Football Association rugby and football was seprated and both game become different from each other .

RULES AND REGULATIONS (early decade rules)

  • length of ground was decided to be 100-130yds and breadth was decided to be 80-110yds . Shape of the field was decided to be rectangle
  • the goalpost were introduced in 1875 their height was decided 8 ft tall and 8 yds wide
  • corner kick and goal kick was framed in 1874
  • whistle was used for first time in 1878
  • lineman were introduced in 1891
  • offside rule was changed in 1925
  • net in goalpost was used in 1892
  • number of players was decided 11 in one team

Some important facts

  • 1880 football was become that people start paying ticket prices just to watch the match .
  • First international match was played in 1872 between England and Scotland there were 4000 people as a audience in that match .

In 1883 first international tournament was placed in which 4 team took participate and they were England , Scotland , Ireland and Wales.

  • First time when football was played outside the Europe it was in South America in Argentina this match was conducted by the citizen of England  who were working in Argentina
  • FIFA  was founded in 1904
  • In 1908 football was added in olympics  it was an other milestone set by this interesting game
  • 1921 women were banned from playing football
  • in 1996 women were allowed to play football again

earlier black players were not allowed in football but now there is no racial discrimination.


FIFA was formed on 21 may 1904 in france at that time there were only 8 member of fifa and they were belgium , denmark , france , germany , sweden , netherland , switzerland and spain . Fifa headquater is situated in Zurich it is in switzerland . In present date there 211 members of fifa . 

Earlier england did not become the part of fifa because they thought that they have invented this game so they do not need any association help to improve the condition of football in their country.


  • fifa visit the nations who have asked for hosting the world cup and after inspection it call the name of the country who will hold next after next world cup

fifa looks for the development of football all over the world and protect the rule of football.



  • chelsea
  • manchester united
  • manchester city
  • liverpool
  • tottenham hotspur
  • newcastle united
  • southhampton
  • sheffield unted
  • west ham united
  • norwich city
  • watford
  • crystal palace
  • everton
  • burnley
  • leicester city
  • bournemouth
  • brighton
  • wolverhampton wanderes
  • QPR

Manchester united

 #machester_united is an one of a prominent club of #english_premier_league

they are the perfect rivals for the other champion team of #english_premier_league  that is liverpool though manchester uited have won home tournaments more than liverpool but liverpool have won international tournaments more than the red devils . Red devils is a nick name of #manchester_united.

   #manchester_united was founded in 1878 In manchester the city of england . The home ground of the #manchester_united is #old_traffod . #Manchester_united played its first match on 1892. #manchester_united have provided a great platform to the players many legendary players have represented this club like P.Scholes , Wayne Rooney , David Becham , Cristiano Ronaldo , J.Carrey ,R.Giggs , R.van.persie , zalatan .

#manchester_united was the fast growing club of the early age in 2016 #machester_united was the club which made the largest turnover .

 #Manchester_united is the club which have faced many up and downs in its whole career from the plane crash to defeats in 2018 season #manchester_united is one of the greatest club for no doubt but they are also one of the unlucky club .

Plane crash 

on 6 feb 1958 , the BEA aircaft carrying players and staff of #manchester_united football team crashed shortly after taking off at munich airport manchester united had lost their 8 players and 3 staff member that day . That day is also known as the black day of football history .

Now in 2019 the #manchester_united will be lead by the ole gunnar solskjaer . Players like david de gea , paul pogba , lingard , mata ,rashford , sanchez , martial , rojo , lindelof will represent #manchester_united in this season 2019-20.

till now #manchester_united have won 20 #premier_league , 12 FA cup , 3 champions league , 1 UEFA cup winner’s cup , 1 UEFA europe league .

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#liverpool is a sensational club of the #english_premier_league they are complete site which is ready to eliminate any team out of the tournaments . #Liverpool is the most successful british club of all time . They have won 18 league titles , 8 league cups , 7FA cup , 5 european cups , and 3 UEFA cups.

Liverpool was founded in 1892 in liverpool the city of england . liverpool home ground is anfield road .

The all time prominent player of liverpool are Ian Rush , Kenny Dalgish , Steven Gerrard , Xabi Alonso . In 2019 season Liverpool will be represeted by the great players like M.Salah , Mane , Allison , V.van Dijik . The market value of the liverpool is 107 billions euros .

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chelsea is the consistent club of english premier league their performance is outstanding in all the season . Chelsea is the first british club to win all 3 cup of UEFA and this is the proof of their consistency .

Chelsea was founded in 1905 in london the city of england their homeground is Stamford Bridge

Chelsaea have won 6 premier league , 8 FA cup , 5 football league cup , 1 champion league cup , 2 UEFA winner’s cup , 1 UEFA Europe league .

 Chelsea have given many fotball legends to football history like Frank Lampard who is the former coach of chelsea fc apart from bieng a coach of chelsea Lampard is the leading goal scorer of chelsea of all time he had scored 211 goals for chelsea club .

Didier Drogba , Joe Cole , J.O Mickel , Ron Harris are some other great players who have been the part of chelsea . This year  in 2019 chelsea team appears slightly weak as their famous stricker eden  hazzard has left the club and now he is the part of real madrid fc .

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arsenal is also one of the successful and beloved club of england . Arsenal is the also a one of a gretest club of england which can compete against the great club of spain ,  france , italy . Arsenal was formed in 1886 in london the city of england . The home ground of arsenal is emirates stadium .

Arsenal is also known as gunners because when the arsenal was formed their worker were blacksmith . The important fact of the arsenal is that it is the first club from the south country  .

Arsenal winning streak

Arsenal had set the record of being undefeatable for 49 mathces on 50th match machester united had broken the winning streak of the arsenal with the help of wayne rooney and rudd van nistelrooy important goals .

 Arsenal has won the 13 premier league , 13 FA cup , 2 league cup  and 1 UEFA winner’s cup .

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